Chipped Shower Base Repair Services


A chipped shower base or bath is a common blemish in bathrooms. While some homeowners may choose to live with a chip or two in their shower base, delaying repair can often prove costly if a chip develops into a more severe crack.

Filling in a chip with some putty is relatively easy – any home handyman can do that. However, providing a long-lasting solution that looks good is much more difficult. Arthur from Shower Care specialises in repairing shower base and baths chips using a unique technique perfected over more than 25 years in the industry.

This technique (inspired by Arthur’s experience repairing boat hulls for the Navy) can also be used to fill small chips. It’s a long-lasting solution that’s virtually impossible to detect. This is perfect if you’re updating your bathroom, trying to sell your home or attract new tenants.


Superficial chips may only require simple filling and refinishing. But for more significant damage, extra support for the structure may be required before patching and refinishing. The Shower Care chip repair service involves applying a specialist adhesive product on site, which bonds indefinitely to the surface of your bath or shower base. Unlike putting some filler into a chip, the solution we use sees the surface actually reconstructed around the chip. The blemish actually disappears – it’s not just filled temporarily. Arthur and the Shower Care team bring all the materials they need to repair shower base or bathtub chips, so the procedure can be completed in one day (assuming there are no complications).


Using commercial filler on a chip not only fails to integrate with the existing surface fully, but it’s also nearly impossible to get an exact colour match. No matter how well you try to fill the chip; you’ll always see a slight outline or discolouration. With more than 25 years of experience in the industry, Arthur has acquired the products and know-how required to comfortably match the specialist adhesive repair product with your shower base or bath’s existing colour. This makes the repair virtually impossible to detect. Whites, creams, beiges, greys – we have experience matching our work with all of the most common bathroom colours. Of course, if you have an unusual coloured bath or shower base, it may take us a little more time to create an exact match.


The Shower Care repair technique can be adapted for use beyond chips and cracks. We’ve even been able to successfully repair a burn mark left on the edge of a bathtub by a hot hairdryer. The client was delighted when the mark was undetectable at the property inspection the next day! To request a free quote, either fill out a contact form or call Arthur directly on 0418 818 857.