Chipped Shower Base Repair Services

A chipped shower base or bath is a common blemish in many bathrooms. While some homeowners may chose to live with a chip, delaying shower base repair can often prove costly if a small chip in the shower base develops into a more serious crack.

Filling in a chip with a bit of putty is quite easy – any home handyman can tell you that. However providing a solution that is long-lasting and looks good is much more difficult.

Arthur from ShowerCare specialises in fixing cracked shower bases and baths using a unique technique perfected over 25 years in the industry.

This technique (inspired by Arthurs experience repairing boat hulls for the Navy) can also be used to fill small chips for a long-lasting solution that is virtually impossible to detect. Perfect if you are updating your bathroom, or are trying to sell your home or attract new tenants.

Get a free quote on shower base chip repair today

Arthur is offering his specialist shower base chip repair services to Melbourne residence in the eastern suburb area. Request a free quote today by filling out a contact form or calling Arthur directly on his mobile – 0418-818-857

Chipped shower base repair service

Arthur’s chip repair service involves applying his specialist adhesive product on site, which bonds indefinitely to the surface of your shower base or bathtub.

Unlike putting some filler in to a chip, Arthur uses the same solution he has perfected to completely remove a broken shower base, so that the surface is actually reconstructed around the chip, causing the blemish to disappear not just be filled temporarily.

What sets Arthur apart from other Melbourne shower repair companies is that he brings all the materials he needs to repair the chip to your home so that he can perform the procedure in one day (assuming there’s no complications).

Expert colour matching

As well as not fully integrating with the existing surface, the other problem with using commercial filler on a chip in your shower base is that it is almost impossible to get an exact colour match. This means no matter how well you fill the chip, you’ll always see a slight discolouration or outline.

Over 25 years in the industry, Arthur has acquired the products and knowhow to comfortably match his specialist adhesive repair product with the existing colour of your shower base or bath, making it virtually impossible to detect.

Whites, creams, beiges, greys – Arthur has experience matching all of the most common bathroom colours. Of course, if you have an unusual coloured bath or shower base, it may take a little more time and effort to create an exact match. If your bath or shower is over 20 years old, Arthur generally recommends getting a new one installed rather than spending money on repairs.

More than just chipped shower bases

Arthur’s technique can be adapted beyond chips and cracks. Recently Arthur was able to successfully repair a burn mark left on the bathtub edge by a hot hair dryer. The client was very pleased when the mark was completely undetectable at the property inspection the next day!

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