Cracked Shower Base Tips?

So you’ve noticed a crack in your shower base now what?

First of all it is important to act fast! Not only could a crack in your shower base cause leaking throughout your house that leads structural damage and dangerous mould growth – the more imminent danger to your safety concerns the shower base collapsing under your body weight, potentially causing serious injury to you or your family.

The bad news is that replacing an acrylic or fiberglass shower base can cost anywhere between $3000 – $6000, and potentially put your shower out of action for a week. For many Australian homes, this is simply not a viable option..

Cracked Shower Base Repair

Drawing from over 20 years of experience repairing showers, Arthur from ShowerCare has perfected a remoulding method that costs a fraction of a full shower base replacement, and can be completed in one day, minimising the disturbance to your household.

How does he do it? Well, he starts by cutting out the whole section around the crack, and assessing the structural support underneath. This is typically the reason for the crack, so Arthur always ensures that sufficient supports are in place, to avoid the issue recurring.

Next, Arthur sets about remoulding the shower base. Using industry-leading products and techniques Arthur is able to construct a sturdy replacement surface that matches the strength and design of the original shower base… even down to matching colours!

The end results speak for themselves. A seemingly brand new shower base that looks great, has no dangerous cracks or leaks, and is adequately supported underneath. This isn’t a band-aid fix. Arthur’s shower base remoulding services are specifically designed to be a long-lasting solution.

Best of all, this can generally all be completed in one day! Arthur brings the products and materials required for the job with him, to ensure minimal disruption to one of the most utilised facilities in your home.

Free Shower Base Repair Quote

So, you’ve noticed a crack in your shower base… get in touch with Arthur for a free shower repair estimate today!

With over 20 years of experience repairing shower bases in Melbourne, Arthur’s shower base remoulding services will:

  • -Protect you against the dangers of leaking or unstable shower bases in the future,
  • -Save you time and money over replacing the shower base completely,
  • -Ensure reliable, long-lasting results!

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